Sidrah Nayyer

My Portfolio

Compilation of my work.
Brand Campaigns

Igniting brand narratives into captivating campaigns, I’ve coordinated strategic and visually stunning experiences that not only elevate beauty brands but also resonate deeply with the hearts of consumers.

As the brand manager for Wella Professionals Pakistan, I collaborated with the Toni & Guy South Pakistan team with a summer color campaign, showcasing my skills in strategic planning, market research, and brand development. I collaborated closely with teams to curate Wella color looks, and oversee video production, demonstrating my proficiency in project management and creative direction. My ability to analyze market trends and consumer behavior informed our decision-making process, ensuring the campaign effectively resonated with our target audience.


Wella's Signature Naturals campaign was a locally curated shoot focused on showcasing natural hair looks using Koleston Perfect ME+ and Illumina Color. Leveraging my expertise in brand management and creative direction, I oversaw every aspect of the campaign, from conceptualization to implementation. My skills in market research and trend analysis enabled me to identify the growing demand for natural looks, guiding our strategic approach to the campaign. Collaborating closely with educators, makeup artist, photographers, and models, I ensured the creation of authentic and captivating content that resonated with our target audience. Through effective storytelling and visual representation, I effectively communicated the brand's commitment to celebrating natural beauty and diversity. The campaign's success not only strengthened brand identity but also fostered meaningful connections with consumers passionate about embracing their natural hair.

As OPI's brand manager, I orchestrated a dynamic video shoot to launch the Hollywood collection, collaborating with OPI Educator and TV personality Aisha Abrar. From concept to post-production, I led the project, leveraging Aisha Abrar's expertise to create compelling content. This initiative showcased my strategic vision and project management skills, driving excitement and engagement while reinforcing OPI's status as a beauty trendsetter.

An OPI Halloween nail art shoot, collaborating with our skilled OPI Educator to bring our vision to life. From conceptualization to execution, I led the project with precision, ensuring that every detail reflected OPI's commitment to creativity and quality. This initiative showcased my strategic thinking and ability to execute engaging campaigns, reinforcing OPI's position as an industry leader while sparking excitement among consumers for the Halloween season.

Education Seminars

With immense pride, I’ve introduced exclusive education seminars in Pakistan, showcasing insights from international beauty brands to empower our local trainers. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey, elevating skills, inspiring creativity, and setting new standards for the beauty community in Pakistan.

Social Media Management

I thrive on crafting and executing social media strategies that enhance brand visibility and engagement. I bring a creative touch to content creation and specialize in developing targeted social media campaigns. From concept to implementation, I leverage market insights to optimize content and maintain an authentic online presence. 

Wella Professionals Pakistan


OPI Pakistan


Magazine Publications

As a brand manager, leveraging magazine publications is essential to strategically enhance brand recognition, communicate key messages, and drive consumer engagement effectively. I have written multiple magazine articles for local campaigns and events. 

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